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Typographic: Cuba

Cuban signage is awesomely non-digitized. Every where you go there are these beautiful hand lettered renderings. Many of them are very old and interestingly textured and corroded. Everything from communist propaganda to street signs all have this human quality that is often replicated in digital design today. These where some of my favorites from my last visit. There will be more up on my flickr soon. Promise! Enjoy. -Arlene


Typographic: Communication Arts

Communication Arts Typography Annual is on the stands and, if you’re type dorks like us, you should probably pick one up if you haven’t already. Packed with a whopping 200 + pages of pure typographic eye candy, it is a great source if inspiration. Below are just a few of our favorite designs featured in the annual.

“It is clear that the increased mainstream interest in typography is pushing designers, illustrators and artists to do interesting things with letters and words” -Stephen Coles

Posters: Masculine Feminine

Identity: Salon Modern
Packaging: Honey & Mackie’s


Typographic: Ellen Lupton

This Thursday February 3rd, Ellen Lupton will be having a lecture and book signing at the FAU Downtown Campus presented by AIGA Miami. The event is open to all. I will most certainly be there. Ellen Lupton is my kind of girl and I want to hear what she has to say. Aside from being a designer she is also a writer, curator, and critic. A woman of many talents. Check out the AIGA Miami site for more information on the event. -Arlene

Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton