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Espresso Shots: Adobe CS5 Workshop

Last Saturday, AIGA Miami and Adobe presented an Adobe CS5 Workshop at the Miami Art Museum. I learned how to create interactive content without writing code using InDesign CS5. Yes you heard right, NO CODING… Every designers dream. I was in design-nerd-heaven. Best of all, the workshop was free for AIGA members. They also gave us some freebie posters and a trial of the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium which was absolutely awesome. Thanks AIGA, I love you. -Arlene

This is the poster I chose by Like Minded Studio. It was love at first site.

Black and white + beautiful typography + positive message

{ Do What You Like } = Super awesome. I’m all about it.


Espresso Shots: Art Basel

Finally got around to posting a few shots from Art Basel. Pulse Miami, Scope, Art Asia, Red Dot- art fairs, Amateurs- MRKT, Rainbow City- Friends with you, Littlest Sister- Spinello Gallery, & Sanrio 50th Anniversary, were some of the events I checked out. Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! Hang on for a good time…